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open everyday 8am-6pm

"You'll love our prices & quality!"

Biggest & best selection!
4 acre nursery and garden center



quart perennials in spring...special $3.99
4.5" proven winners...special $3.99

hanging bASKETS STARTING AT $22.99

beautiful fruit trees, 36 varieties starting at $44.99
over 20 types of blueberries starting at $11.99

34 types of hydrangea
over 100 types of hosta
29 types of lilacs
20 types of peony
28 types of coneflower
15 types of dianthus
9 types of arborvitae
26 types of phlox
20 types of coral bells

15,000 perennials on site

55 varieties of roses including:

climbers, groundcover, landscape, t-rose, rugosa, knock out, grandiflora, floribunda, mini, standard rose trees, mini rose tree,
david austin & proven winners o so easy




Search Our Plants!
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Plants are subject to availability.
some plants are only available in the spring or early summer.

Bloomstruck hydrangea


For any Amount. Pick up or we will mail.
Call us at 603-796-2756 to order.

Great Gift!


Did you know? ..We deliver and install.



Redpointe Maple
Crimson Sunset Maple
Hyssop Black Adder
Aster Kickin Carmine Red
Aster Snow Flurry
Campanula Iridescent Bells
Redbud Vanilla Twist
Coreopsis Gold & Bronze
Coreopsis Leading Lady Charliz
Coreopsis Uptick Cream
Coreopsis Red Hot Vanilla
Coneflower Coral Craze
Coneflower Cleopatra
Coneflower Hot Coral
Coneflower Playful Meadow Mama
Bishops Cap Dark Beauty

Gaura Gaudi Red
Helleborus Fantasy Ruffles
Helleborus Grape Galaxy
Helleborus Cinnamon Snow
Coral Bells Cherry Truffles
Hosta Angel Falls
Hosta Beach Boy
Hosta Blue Hawaii
Hosta Etched Glass
Hosta Lakeside Dragonfly
Hosta Mini Skirt
Hosta Moon Split
Hosta Paul Revere
Hosta Stiletto
Hosta Waterslide
Iris Anaconda Love
Iris Autumn Encore
Iris Best Bet
Iris Echo De France
Iris Red Zinger
Iris Orange Caper
Iris Kabluey
Iris Paprikash
Knautia Mars Midget
Knautia Thunder & Lightning
Red Hot Poker Mango Popsicle
Red Hot Poker Redhot Popsicle
Leucanthemum Whoops-A-Daisy
Sweetgum Tree
Bee Balm Coral Reef
Bee Balm Cranberry Lace
Peony Black Beauty (deep wine color)
Peony Ben Franklin
Peony Itoh Bartzella (yellow)
Peony Laura Dessert

Peony Madame Emile Debatene
Peony Patio Madrid
Peony Sorbet (only 23 available)
Peony Top Brass
Penstemon Electric Blue
Tall Phlox Candy Crush
Tall Phlox DesireTall Phlox Paradise
Tall Phlox Glamour Girl
Creeping Phlox Strawberries and Cream
Creeping Phlox Violet Pinwheels
London Plane Tree Exclamation
Peach tree Bailey Hardy
Peach Lucky 13
Fruiting Cherry Sweet Cherry Pie
Lungwort Twinkle Toes
Black Eyed Susan Prairie Glow
Sanguisorba Little Angel
Sedum Lemonjade
Lilac Burgundy Queen
Trollius Lemon Queen
Azalea Red Demon
Butterfly Bush Ice Chip
Smokebush Winecraft Black
Scotch Broom Sister Golden Hair
Honeysuckle FireFly
Genista Dyer's Greenwood
Hydrangea Invincibelle Wee White
Hydrangea Invincible Spirit II
Hydrangea Fire Light
Hydrangea Tiny Tuff Stuff
Itea Little Henry Sweetspire

Ninebark Tiny Wine
Rhododendron Scintillation
Rhododendron Ken Janek
Viburnum Spice Baby
Ajuga Chocolate Chip

Dianthus Bumbleberry Pie
Dianthus Key Lime Pie
Dianthus Pinball Wizard
Dianthus Fruit Punch Cherry Vanilla
Dianthus Single Stargazer
Lavender Super Blue
Sedum Blue Elf
Rose Earth Angel
T-Rose Perfume Delight
T-Rose Red Masterpiece
Andropogon Blackhawks (black grass)
Dwarf Plumbago
Clematis Wildfire
Campanula Takion Blue
Cytisus Burkwoodii
Ice Plant Violet Wonder
Ice Plant Hot Pink Wonder
Coral Bells Mega Caramel
Daylily Blueberry Candy
Lupine Gladiator
Lupine Manhattan Lights
Lupine Red Rum
Lupine Westcountry Masterpiece
Bee Balm Bee-You Bee Happy
Beardstongue Midnight Masquerade

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We are Proven Winner Certified!
Proven winner annuals... $3.99 up


See our pondless water feature install by Nature Scapes, based out of Wilmot NH. Custom built water features for your enjoyment!

Click here to see pictures and get more information



Need help? Don't know where to start?

Call, make an appointment and bring in your pictures and dimensions of the area you need help with.

Delivery and Installation Available.



Seeds, Soils, Fertilizers, Compost, Vegetables,
Insecticides and Fungicides including

Vermont Natural Ag
Coast of Maine
Black Gold
Organic Laboratories
Coop Poop
Espoma Potting Mix

Natural Soil Conditioner - Happy Frog




Yellow lilacs - 'Primrose'
Dark Purple Leaf Maple - Crimson Sunset
Burgundy Lilac - 'Burgundy Queen'
Yellow Peony - 'Bartzella'
Reblooming Magenta Magnolia - 'Ann'
Yellow Magnolia - 'Butterflies'
Blue Eyed Grass - only grass with flowers
12-18 Petal Magnolia - 'Royal Star'
Groundcover Forsythia - 'Gold Tide'
Red Hydrangea - Red Sensation
Purple & Yellow Flower Lupine - 'Manhattan'
Deep Wine Colored Peony - 'Black Beauty'
3 Layers of pink and Cream Peony - 'Sorbet'
Layered Shades of Pink Flowers - 'Playful Meadow Mama Coneflower'
Flowers Streaked with Pink and White -
'Pinball Wizard Dianthus'
Deep Purple Heart Shaped Leaves - 'Weeping Ruby Falls Redbud Tree'
Double White Flowers Hydrangea - 'Wedding Gown'
Thornless Blackberry
Two Crops in One Year Blueberry Bush - 'Sweetheart'
Everbearing Yellow Raspberry - 'Ann'
Bright Purple Berries Cover Entire Branch in Fall - Beautyberry
Dappled Silvery White, Pink and Green Leaves - Nishiki Willow
Rosebud pink flowers - 'Kwanzan' Cherry
4 in 1 fruit trees


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Fields of Flowers and Plants
(and Growing)!

Welcome to the Black Forest Nursery and Garden Center! Situated in Boscawen, just north of Concord, NH, Black Forest Nursery is a family owned and operated business growing for New Hampshire and serving the public for 44 years.

We provide unique trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and vines as well as free expert advice. As you browse our four acres at the garden center you can hand pick your favorites. Choose from over 130 varieties of hosta, over 700 fruit trees, 29 varieties of lilacs, 15 varieties of flowering crabapple trees, 20 varieties of blueberry bushes, 34 varieties of hydrangeas, and 20 varieties of peony bushes to name a few.

Black Forest Nursery is both a Nursery and a complete Garden Center. Seldom are these combinations found anymore, but the customer benefit is enormous. Not only can you secure all of the landscaping supplies and necessities you need to keep your garden in pristine condition, but you can also pick from plants grown on-site. Our very knowledgeable sales staff will answer your questions and provide expert advice. We love our work!

Of course Black Forest is also your one and only home for the widely popular hosta. Over 130 varieties of hosta.

Come see why our slogan is...

"You'll Love Our Prices and Quality!"


Black Forest Nursery is operated by Black Forest Nursery, LLC


Pictures taken at
Black Forest Nursery

Black Forest Nursery














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